A Business Card Holder is One Impressive Showpiece

A business owner uses his or her business cards for advertising purposes. The executive and the entrepreneur identify their status with a deluxe business card holder that looks attractive sitting on the office desk. The leather folding types are great for portability. The modern company executive makes an impression by handing them to others whenever he travels.

There are dozens of cards to choose from, one to suit every taste. Your identity as a businessman or woman is represented by the cards you have on your desk. Give them to customers so they can remember your contact information. Let them know you want to stay in touch. Keep your business on their minds.

Everyone has business cards printed these days. The kinds range from sports enthusiasm, football, basketball or soccer. Find a variety of animals pictured. Cats, dogs, horses and even rabbits. The financial adviser might choose a bull and bear to represent the stock market. One pet shop owner has a card featuring birds. He is one of the people who gets his cards printed on both sides.

Choices of material include leather, engraved wood, crystal, silver or pewter. That is listing only a few. All are approximately the same size, made to hold the cards. There are some made as a combination pen holder and card holder in one unit.

For those who are proud to bring religion into their work environment, there are lovely holders proclaiming faith in God. One has sea shells on the front and an inscription on the base. What a meaningful gift for a family to present to their religious leader. Inexpensive, yet a personal and memorable gift with his name and the name of the church he serves imprinted on it.

Whatever business you are in, manufacturing or service, you can have instant advertising sitting right on your desk or counter. A car dealer would select a holder with a car or picture of a car on it. A restaurant or bakery will have their product imprinted on the base of the holder. Show off your product to all office or restaurant visitors.

A gift from your young child is certainly something to be proud of. A small allowance will enable him to buy a card holder for you. It will be very special to the recipient. Mom or dad will love seeing it every day when they arrive at work. It is evidence of their childs love.

Whilst you can purchase this item for prices below ten dollars, there are deluxe versions too. Silver plated, gold plated, custom made, many of these sit on your desk announcing your financial success to the world. If you are a business consultant, it is wise to let clients know you are a big success. It inspires confidence in your ability to enrich their business practices.

If you feel you can afford it, provide these holders to all your employees. They will appreciate it more than a calendar. Print your company name and number on it for advertising purposes. Give one to each important client. Everyone will find them useful. In addition, you get free advertising displayed on every business card holder you give.