Creating Your Own Charm Bracelets

The charm bracelet has a long history that starts in the ancient times when warriors use to where them in order to be protected from evil and to attract positive energy. Another word for the charm bracelets is amulet.

In the past these bracelets were made out of animal bones, little pebbles and shells. Evidence that these amulets have been around us for many, many years was found in Africa, Germany and ancient Egypt. Each charm bracelet used to have distinctive marks of the area where the holder lived. So for example, people that lived in Africa wore shells, those that lived in Germany used to adorn their bracelets with carved mammoth tasks. Also, there was a time in the Roman Empire when the Christians used to have small fish charms in order to be recognized by other Christians.

Queen Victoria was the person who brought the charm bracelet fashion in Europe. From this point forward Europeans, and not only them, began to create and to wear charm bracelets. These types of bracelets can be a reminder to the experiences that the holder has gone through or just a way to keep bad energy away and to surround yourself with the things you believe in.

In our days one can create his/her own charm bracelet as there are many shops that offer everything that you might need, from the little symbols to the bracelet itself. You can choose from tiny crosses, hearts, anchors, lady bugs and so on. All you need is to have a little bit of imagination and you will surely create some wonderful bracelets for yourself.

So why don’t you start to look around for these little adornments, maybe you will find something that you like. These bracelets can be a perfect gift for your mother of your sister so why not create something that will remind them of you and of how much you love them.