The Complete Golfer

Golf is one of those infuriating games where the equipment you use can dramatically improve or hinder your progress. Unfortunately, the more equipment you have the more money you have to spend. There is always something that one of your playing partners has or uses that you long for. Never was envy so green as when it is on the golf course!

Let us assume that you have a set of golf clubs. The infinite variety of clubs and the vast range in prices means that these will probably be something you buy and stick with for considerable time but there are so many other things that you can take advantage of in order to not only improve your game but to keep up with the Jones’s of your golfing world.

If you are playing golf in the UK one of the first things you will need to take a look at is a new golfing umbrella. An essential item for all British golfers. Not only that, but make sure you keep your grips dry by using a new towel. Obviously, if it is cold and wet you may well need to take a sip from a suitably filled hip flask. If you are playing with people who spend hours (or so it seems) looking for their lost ball or take an age addressing the ball and sizing up their next shot you may want to slip a golfers portable seat into your bag. If it is raining you are not going to want to sit on the ground!

Having said that you will probably stick with your set of golf clubs for a while, it is incredible just how much difference a new putter can make to your next round. Putting, being nearly half of the shots you will play during a round of golf, is one of those areas that everyone is trying to improve. Don’t forget that you can practice at home or even in your office. Portable putting systems are all the rage and many golfers swear by them.

Putting is not the only thing that you can practice whilst away from the course – with practice nets that can be easily set up in your garden there is no reason why you can’t be hitting your seven iron or chipping with your pitching wedge every evening until it feels absolutely perfect.

Of course the golfers ally in all of this is the golfers widow or widower! Those that stay at home – or find something much more interesting (!) to do – whilst you are on the course. These people can always step in with those all important gifts for the serious golfer that just might put them up the desirable list at their local club. What about those all important monogrammed golf balls, the tweed bag for your golf shoes, the binocular style range finder to make sure you always use the correct club? Which golfers’ desk would be complete without a golf styled picture frame with a photo of their golf bag replete with clubs, umbrella, towel etc.

Yes, golf is a serious sport. Equipment can be expensive and there is always something you can buy to improve your game. We have to remember though, we need to look the part as well!