The History of Lockets

Lockets are pendant that have a small space between the two pieces that form it. In there one can put either a small picture of his/her loved one or a curl of hair. This is the perfect type of present for an anniversary, a wedding or a Christening.

The special thing about these lockets is that they can also be attached to a charm bracelet, as a sweet reminder of your loved one. They are considered jewelry because they are made out of gold or silver. The most encountered shapes in lockets are ovals, circles or heart shapes.

Some other types of lockets are those that have one side made out of glass. These are usually used for hair locks because they can easily fall out of the locket. An interesting type of locket is the one that is made out of filigree and has a small cushion in the middle. People used to put a few drops of perfume there to mask a bad odor. These lockets were used mostly in a time when the personal hygiene wasn’t a priority and thus the bad smell hat to be overcome somehow.

The special design and the purpose of the lockets is to decorate and to be a memory keeper. Due to technology there are other ways that we can hold photos of our loved ones. The locket however is far more personal and more delicate than looking at a photo on our phone for example.< gift to someone then you should try these lockets. The person to whom you are giving the present to may be utterly and sincerely impressed by this delicate gesture. It is nice to have a reminder of our loved ones that we can always carry with us. So, why don’t you try to find a beautiful locket the next time you have to make a gift?